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Music (CD & Tape)

Click Here To Buy!Come On Over - 1997

Includes hits like "You're Still The One", "That Don't Impress Me Much", "Man! I Feel Like A Woman", and "Honey, I'm Home".


Click Here To Buy!Come On Over (Intl.) - 1999

Includes the same songs as the original.  The only difference is the song sequence and they are remixed for pop listeners. 


Click Here To Buy!The Woman In Me - 1995

Includes "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?", "Home Ain't Where The Heart Is (Anymore)", "No One Needs To Know", and "Is There Life After Love?".


Click Here To Buy!Beginnings - 1999

Includes unreleased songs that were discovered.  These songs were recorded in 1989-1990.  "Wild And Wicked", "Hate To Love", and "LUV Eyes".


Click Here To Buy!Shania Twain - 1993

Self-titled first album including "When He Leaves You", "What Made You Say That", "Forget Me", and "There Goes The Neighborhood".



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